Home Purchase Loans Made Easy

  • Pre-Qualification icon Pre-Qualification

    To begin the loan process you must first pre-qualify. This informal process determines the maximum amount you are eligible to borrow, but it does not guarantee you a loan.

  • Start Shopping icon Start Shopping

    Once you’ve been pre-qualified, you can begin a more accurate search for the home that fits your budget.

  • Purchase & Sale Agreement icon Purchase & Sale Agreement

    Once you find the right home, you will negotiate the terms of sale, including the sale price, repair requests, move-in-date, and more. Your agent will then present your offer to the sellers, and you’ll continue to negotiate until all parties agree.

  • Loan Application icon Loan Application

    Once the seller accepts your offer, you can officially begin your mortgage application!

  • Provide Documentation icon Provide Documentation

    The documentation we require protects you and ensures that you’re getting the best loan possible. Paperwork of this sort may include pay stubs, tax returns, and bank statements.

  • Property Inspection icon Property Inspection

    Most home purchases require an inspection for things like pest infestation, water damage, and potential safety hazards.

  • Appraisal icon Appraisal

    This step ensures that the sale price and the appraised value of the house are in line with each other.

  • Title Search icon Title Search

    At this point, a title company conducts a search for any liens against the property.

  • Mortgage Insurance icon Mortgage Insurance

    We require our borrowers to have mortgage insurance if your down payment is less than 20 percent of your home’s sale price.

  • Other Insurance icon Other Insurance

    Fire and hazard insurance is required on the replacement value of your home. Depending on your home’s location, you may need flood and earthquake insurance too.

  • Processor Review icon Processor Review

    The processor assigned to your loan will package all of your information together and will send it to the underwriter for final review.

  • Final Approval icon Final Approval

    The underwriter reviews the documentation to ensure you still meet the financing requirements, and makes the final decision to approve your loan.

  • Closing/Signing icon Closing/Signing

    You’ll meet with a closing attorney and notary to sign the final documents and provide the necessary funding to complete the transaction.

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